International Committees

With an ICOM individual or institutional membership, you can join ICOM’s International Committees, which represent different types of museum collections and professions.

ICOM’s International Committees are global think tanks that regroup museum professionals from the same field to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and professional know-how. Each of the 30 International Committees organises annual meetings and workshops around the world, giving to its members the opportunity to broaden their horizons and build a strong and international professional network. Their findings help shape the future of the museum profession by defining standards, publishing studies and establishing partnerships with other cultural organisations.

  • Get involved in international missions
  • Shape the future of museum profession
  • Advocate museum ethics and standards


  • AVICOM: International Committee for Audiovisual, New Technologies and Social Media
  • CAMOC: International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities
  • CECA: International Committee for Education and Cultural Action
  • CIDOC: International Committee for Documentation
  • CIMCIM: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Instruments and Music
  • CIMUSET: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology
  • CIPEG: International Committee for Egyptology
  • COMCOL: International Committee for Collecting
  • COSTUME: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Costume
  • DEMHIST: International Committee for Historic House Museums
  • DRMC: International Committee on Disaster Resilient Museums
  • GLASS: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Glass
  • ICAMT: International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques
  • ICDAD: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design
  • ICEE: International Committee for Exhibition Exchange
  • ICEthics: International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas
  • ICFA: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Fine Arts
  • ICLCM: International Committee for Literary and Composers’ Museums
  • ICMAH: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Archaeology and History
  • ICME: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Ethnography
  • ICMEMO: International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes
  • ICMS: International Committee for Museum Security
  • ICOFOM: International Committee for Museology
  • ICOM-CC: Committee for Conservation
  • ICOMAM: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History
  • ICOMON: International Committee for Money and Banking Museums
  • ICR: International Committee for Regional Museums
  • ICTOP: International Committee for the Training of Personnel
  • INTERCOM: International Committee for Museum Management
  • MPR: International Committee for Marketing and Public Relations
  • NATHIST: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History
  • UMAC: International Committee for University Museums and Collections